It’s easy to get hooked on something. I’ve been glued to facebook and twitter ever since I first started using them. I’ve never really been that big on video games because I usually can’t keep up with all the different buttons, and there is usually so much happening at once. It’s also hard to play with someone when they already know a lot about the game and can use the controller like it’s no big deal. However, my mother got a Wii and Wii Fit the other day. She is very technologically challenged and was able to figure it all out, so I figured I could work it too! I called and asked her if I could get one, and as soon as she gave me the “go,” I was next in line at Best Buy getting everything I needed to get started. We returned home, and my boyfriend set it up. At first I was apprehensive because I didn’t want it to turn out like the PlayStation 3 experience (I gave up shortly after starting a game because I couldn’t get the controls down), but once everything was set up and my Mii was created, I was excited to play games! The first game we played on Wii sports was Bowling. I thought “I love bowling! This should be fun!” instead of stressing myself out and judging myself. Once we made our way through three rounds, we moved on to other games, such as tennis, ping-pong, etc. One we were done with Wii sports, Landon set up my Wii fit for me. I didn’t really enjoy being told my weight and BMI, but that’s just because I know how bad it is. After getting over the initial hatred of wii fit, I started to play some games. I found out that my balance is not as good as I thought. I put most of my weight in my heels, which apparently makes you tire more easily when walking. I found that to be very interesting, and thinking back, very true. I went “skiing” for my first time ever. I’ve never been skiing in real life. It was fun! I got to experience things I have never done before in the comfort of my own home. My next Wii purchases will be Mario Kart and Wii Active. The thing I like the most about it though is that it’s fun, but you still get more exercise compared to just lazing around the house. (That last sentence was inspired by Landon). I highly recommend the Wii!