bowlingMy boyfriend and I like to bowl. Since we got the Wii, we’ve been bowling on that a lot, and haven’t gone real bowling in a few weeks. We decided to go real bowling last night. He said a few days ago that he though Wii bowling would help him improve at real bowling. I disagreed because I feel like on Wii bowling, you rely more on the lines that help you line up your shot. Also the Wii makes it really hard to miss a shot and get a gutter ball. You have to be pretty bad on the Wii to not make a decent shot. So we went out to test the theory…and I was right. Wii bowling did not improve our skills at the bowling alley. In the first game, I was winning up until the last two frames, when my boyfriend managed to get four strikes in a row. I said, “Don’t beat me! I’ve been winning the whole game!” to which he responded, “Don’t worry. I won’t beat you.” To both of our surprise, he beat me by 20 points (our scores were 120-140). In the next game though, it was a close race to the finish, but I prevailed in this game winning 140-110. Though our scores still broke 100 (which I believe to be a feat), the Wii makes it so much easier to get a higher score. Maybe for some people Wii bowling can bring improvement to real bowling, but for us, there was little improvement.