July 29, 2009

We went to see Orphan the other day. I was hoping it would be crazy, creepy and intense, and I definitely got what I wished for. To me, the movie was like “The Good Son” and “The Bad Seed” mixed, but with a twist ending. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I totally did not see it coming when the young orphan girl turned out to be a 33 year old who had escaped from an insane asylum. Throughout the whole movie I kept asking myself “how can a young girl do such horrible things?” It kind of made me not want kids in case they turned out to be like this one; however, I just told myself “it’s just a movie” and got over it. While watching the movie, I kept putting myself in the mom’s shoes, and my heart wrenched every time something bad happened to her children. I also felt frustrated for her when her husband and psychiatrist didn’t believe a word she said and tried to put her into rehab. I thought Aryana Engineer did a good job playing the deaf daughter (Max Coleman). Isabelle Fuhrman (Esther) was a very convincing actress. She made such an impression on me that if I were to see another movie with her in it, I might not be able to see past her playing Esther. Overall, I enjoyed the movie; it was what I was hoping for and more.


3 Responses to “Orphan”

  1. Laura J said

    When I saw the previews it reminded me of the Good Son too! I don’t do well with scary movies, so I am skipping this one.

  2. effie said

    The best

  3. Rob said

    Good movie. I thought the little deaf girl stole the show. Actually, her part wasn’t big enough to do so but she was definitely a key player who caught my attention by being so extremely cute! The actress who played her really is partially deaf. The actress who played the orphan, who is NOT really 33 years old, was pretty convincing when they made her look like she was. Her wicked ways reminded me of Cathy Ames, the evil and manipulative young girl who killed her parents in John Steinbeck’s book, “East of Eden.” (That part wasn’t in the 1955 movie of the same name with James Dean).

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