My Thoughts Written in Black and White

December 30, 2009

When I was in high school, I was in an advanced writing class. We had to make a book of poetry, and I recently found mine.

The Ballad of a Rebellious Bonnie
This idea came to me as I was thinking about the Shel Silverstein poem “I cannot go to school today.” After I wrote the first two lines, the rest just came to me. I decided to give a mother and father voice in there to show that this is taking place at the dinner table. My favorite part of this poem is the second to last line because I thought it was a cute pun.

“I can not eat this food today,”
Said Bonnie as she stepped away.
“There are too many vegetables,
I’d rather go outside and play.”

“But Bonnie,” said her mother dear,
“You need to eat this; it’s quite clear.
For i you do not eat this now,
You’ll never get too big, I fear.”

“Your mother’s right, my pumpkin pie,”
Replied her father with a sigh.
“Listen to her; she knows what’s right.
You’ll grow strong, and that’s no lie.”

So Bonnie stepped up to the plate,
And at last her food she ate.

Dramatic Monologue
I Didn’t Do It
When I thought about a one-sided event, a wreck suddenly came to mind. It seemed perfect because, and I can’t say from experience, it seems as though each person has her own side of the story to tell.

“What were you thinking?
You must have been blinking
When that green light turned to red!”
“I did no wrong! The light was still yellow!” she said.
No nice words such as “what did I do?”
“Did I harm you?
Or “Is everyone alright?”
I was angry despite
Being shaken from the jolt
That came in one big bolt.
Everything was a mess,
And I, in distress,
Called my parents to the crime scene.
A wrecker came by to clean
Away the bent up pieces of
One of the things that you love.
“You haven’t heard the last of this,”
That mean lady said with a hiss.
My life was just shattered along
With my windows so strong.
Now I have to rely on my feet to get me by.
Oh tragedy sure struck
On my day of bad luck.

There are more, but I’ll post more later. These poems may not be that great, but that’s why I like poetry. It can be whatever you want.


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