My Thoughts Written in Black and White Part III

December 31, 2009

I was in a bad mood when I parodied this poem. My diction should definitely show this. I’m not ashamed that it shows my emotions. I’m actually glad that I was able to put my real emotions into a parody and make it my own.

Original: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Thou art not lovelier than lilacs, –no,
Nor honeysuckle; thou art not more fair
Than small white single poppies, — I can bear
They beauty; though I bend before thee, though
From left to right, not knowing where to go,
I turn my troubled eyes, nor here nor there
Find any refuge from thee, yet I swear
So has it been with mist, — with moonlight so.

You are not lovelier than rot fruit, — no,
Nor porcupine; you aren’t less foul there
Than a giant gorilla,–I can hardly bare
Your face; though you bend before me, though
From to and fro, not know where to go,
I turn my beautiful eyes not here not there
Can’t get away from you, but I swear
Just like I can’t get away as my thoughts grow.

Free Verse
I wrote this poem about a year and a half ago, and put it into a book of poem that I have written. i like all of them, but am only going to put one in here. They’re all free verse. This is one of my favorites; I like it because of the imagery and diction.

I enter a room where intoxicating scents have already permeated through.
A perfect blend of tastes and textures surround me,
And I am enveloped with a certain satisfaction that some rarely feel.
I indulge myself, and as this delectable food enters my mouth,
There is an explosion of taste and my body is filled
With a warmth that makes the whole meal worthwhile.
After all is gone,
I can only sit back with full satisfaction
And try to let the tastes linger as long as possible.

I know these aren’t awesome, jaw-dropping poems or anything, but they take me back to days when I was a little more imaginative. I hope you’ve enjoyed them!


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