Two Year Anniversary

February 15, 2011

Today was mine and my fiance Landon’s two year anniversary. 2 years ago was our first date, and 1 year ago was the day he proposed. I was just thinking back on our first date a few days ago. He had originally asked me out for Valentine’s Day, but I already had plans with some girlfriends to go bowling. Instead, we decided to go out for ice cream the day after. He came and picked me up from my apartment (I was ready a good hour before he was due to arrive – I was quite nervous). We went to Ben & Jerry’s in downtown Clemson. Unbeknown to us, Ben & Jerry’s had shut down. I was so unaware of it that I even tried to open the door, only to return my hand to my side and feel like an idiot. Luckily, I knew that Spill the Beans was just around the corner. So Landon, not having been there before (which I thought was CRAZY because it was my favorite place to get ice cream!), and I decided to go there instead. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I do remember talking up a storm and remembering to tell myself not to completely wolf down my ice cream. (I wanted to be dainty!) I remember really enjoying spending time with him, hoping he felt the same, and praying that there would be more dates in the future. Boy did I get lucky! The next day, he asked me to go grab a drink with him for happy hour. We went to Griffin’s downtown, and I tasted my first little beer (quite delish). After that, we started to get more comfortable with each other. I wasn’t AS nervous around him, scared I’d make a fool of myself…and now we’re to the point where I don’t care if I act crazy, and he still loves the accident-prone me just the same.

For our engagement, we were living in Huntsville, AL. We got Chinese for lunch, and I remember Landon barely eating. He didn’t feel well most of the day, and I was scared he was getting sick. I hoped he would feel well enough to go out to dinner (we had made plans to go to this nice restaurant called Grille 29). It snowed before we left to make our reservation at Grille 29, and though the drive was less than 5 minutes, we still managed to slip and slide on the ice. Thank goodness we made reservations because when we got in there, there must have been at least 2 or 3 other people there. (note the sarcasm). We had a delicious dinner – I got scallops, he got steak, and we both got Peroni (I couldn’t even finish my Peron; I thought it was so gross, but the food was amazing). He still looked a little ill (turns out it was just nerves), but afterward suggested we go get cheesecake from Target for dessert. As I carried the dessert up to the cashier, he gave me the keys to the truck, and said he had to go get something. I waited for him in the truck, and when he came back out he didn’t have a bag or anything on him, so I figured he didn’t find what he was looking for. When we got back to our apartment, he offered to take the dogs out. Once he came back in, he went right to our room and shut the door, while I sat on the couch watching tv. I just figured he was changing, but then he told me to close my eyes because he had something for me, and when he told me to open them again, he had this cute little stuffed dog held out in front of him. It was really cute, and while I was looking at it, he said “I have something else for you,” and when I looked up again, he was kneeling in front of me with the engagement ring in his hand and asked me to marry him. I remember calling mom, and she didn’t quite believe me at first, but then got super excited once she realized I wasn’t lying. Then she put me on the phone with dad (who had known for a week or so), but all he wanted to talk about was the weather – typical dad. After about an hour or so of talking to friends/family, it was back to life as normal, except this time as a fiancee and not a girlfriend. It was a wonderful feeling.

Tonight’s anniversary was special too. We went to Queen Anne’s Revenge, a pirate themed restaurant on Daniel Island. We got free chocolate cake after the waiter accidentally spilled honey mustard all on Landon’s jeans. That cake was divine! It was great getting to spend a special evening with my special man. It’s nice knowing that this relationship is actually going somewhere – the ultimate somewhere. I’m really lucky to have found a man I can call the love of my life, my other half, whatever gushy thing you would like to insert here…that is what I have and will have till death parts us.

Hope this post didn’t make you throw up! But if you did, I understand.


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