Skinny Kids

February 18, 2011

This video makes me a little sad. It’s sad because children, at a younger age, are starting to judge their bodies and truly believe that they are fat, when they aren’t at all. It also makes me sad, because I remember feeling the same way all through 7th and 8th grade and the majority of high school. But when I was younger, I never really gave it much thought. There are girls in this video that are 7 years old and already worrying about getting fat. Even though being overweight isn’t great for you or your health, constantly worrying about every little thing you eat, in my opinion, is equally as unhealthy. Some of the mothers express concern because their daughters are no longer eating full meals. They’re growing children, and they need to eat! One mother in particular believes that it’s her fault her daughter is acting this way. The mother is concerned about her own weight and body shape, and sees that it is rubbing off on her daughter. The father says “I believe it’s television,” but the mother truly believes it’s her fault. But I believe it’s the combination of the two. Actresses, singers, models, etc are all perceived as beautiful because they’re so thin, and it puts unnecessary pressure on normal women and girls. They think “oh, I’m not beautiful because I’m not stick thin like such-and-such model/actress/singer,” when in actuality they are beautiful. The mothers in this video worry about their self image, and since young children tend to mimic the habits of their parents, the mother’s worry about self image turns into the daughter’s worry about self image.

I’m not saying that I’m always comfortable or happy about my weight or body image, but it’s just sad to see girls at the age of 7 starting to worry like that. I’m glad I’ve seen this video before having children, because it shows me how what I do will affect my future children. It’ll allow me to figure out how to go about adjusting my body image/weight without affecting my children. One girl says “my mom checks her weight every Wednesday on the weighing machine.” If her daughter didn’t see her mother weigh herself every Wednesday, then perhaps her daughter wouldn’t pick up on the fact that her mother has her own problems with self-image. The parents should teach their children healthy eating habits and try to teach them to be happy with their bodies (even if the parents aren’t happy with their own).

In today’s society, there are increasing numbers of anorexic, bulimic, and obese people, so it will be difficult to break free of that. But, again, I feel it is the parents responsibility to teach their children how to eat right, be healthy, and be happy with themselves. It might be a tough challenge, but I think the children will benefit from it.


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